Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Todays Thoughts

So alot of folks do not enjoy me talking about their teams unless I am being positive and kissing butt. That's funny because those that know me understand that will never happen. I really do try not be over negative but sometimes I just have to comment on things as I see them. On my blog I will never have box scores, and game summaries straight from the associated press because I am not a reporter. Nor am I ever going to call kids on the phone to find out where they are thinking about attending college. Folks can get that stuff anywhere.

What I continue to attempt to do is say what alot of folks are hesitant to say for one reason or another. It is why I started my blog. And by the way I read at least 20 different boards weekly including the local college boards. And for those who think I was run off from the RU and SHU boards, that's funny. Never happened. Just figured it was easier to have my own personal forum where I could comment as I see fit. Maybe I can come back on those boards and do a Q and A on what I really know in a similar format to what I did with the SHU radio station a few years back.

I also want to say I enjoy reading the various blogs and articles by well respected writers from the tri-state area. but trust me there are many of us who know as much but do not have the forum to share our thoughts. A great example of this is the SHU Board on Rivals, Where HallDan and others put in hours upon hours of hard work to make it interesting. They also are at almost every HS event in the area. I can say similar stuff about the Rutgers folks on Scarlet Nation. They also know much more than folks give them credit for. Others also are great including BigEastBoards, Redmen.com, The Smokin Musket, Explorer Blog, NYCNJHOOPS.Com, and many others. Of course blogs at Kentucky where they also have a board just for recruiting, and other places are great as well. But if you compare what the blogs and message boards I mentioned are doing in comparison with others, there really is no comparison.

I really say this because people should not feel they are not getting good information because the message board or blog is not from a local newspaper or reporter. Many newspaper blogs and reporters such as Adam Z are outstanding. But if you read some of the blogs on line that cover college and HS basketball you will be pleasantly pleased. Unfortunately the only guy who has ever even acknowledged some blogs, including this one, is Dick "Hoops" Weiss of the NY Daily News. But that's ok and as most of us know, most guys and gals writing are just asking questions and many have zero knowledge of the real issues involving recruiting and college basketball. You would have to had experienced it or been around it for some time to understand. Also you would be surprised the amount of basketball people reading this and other blogs. I have even gotten messages via 3rd parties both pro and con about what I have written. I am sure others have as well.

In my last blog entry I even gave out a small hint about something that I hope folks picked up on. And it was not about who starts, but the type of basketball being played. Hope certain folks read it and get to a few recruits soon before they are eliminated. Here is another. Sometimes folks will keep you in the mix because they like you but have no interest with being with you for 4 years. Others just enjoy the wining and dining they receive from coaching staffs. It is a great thing to feel wanted. But as Al Skinner said to me many years ago "I have to work at identifying the kids that are really interested in attending Boston College." That way he could concentrate on "real targets" and not waste time hoping and dreaming.

So if folks want information, provocative thoughts, and strong opinions, they need to continue to read this blog, all the others I mentioned, plus many I did not, and they might just enjoy what they are reading despite a typo here and there and some misspelled names lol.


John said...

Dear LF,

When I read your thoughts, I continue to have the sense that you know the local players and coaches so well and that for the love of the game (and love of young people), you share your observations and opinions. While I remain greatly anxious about the safety of my favorite basketball program, when I read your comments, I get the sense that there will be positive choices each of the major programs can make locally. There is "hope" as they say, and I thank you sincerely for just telling it as you see it.

LFBall said...

Wow! Thank you so much. I do write it as I see it. Often folks on various boards get upset with what I write. But I am really an equal opportunity blogger. I honestly like St. Johns, Rutgers, and Seton Hall. I honestly want all the local programs to do well and I want all the local HS players to stay home, even the mid major kids. It would be a great thing watching multiple area teams headed to the big dance.

Thanks again and if you ever met me you would know I am not the guy many decribe in a very unfavorible manner.