Friday, July 18, 2008

Reactions and some Tidbits

There has been alot of talk all over New York City concerning my post from a week or so ago. Seems like it has caused some controversy as well as great conversation at various summer leagues. I have received at least 20 private emails concerning the lists and categories. I have also received some complaints about who should have been left off, and some about who should have been included.

Honestly I really continue to forget how many people actually read this blog. I am just glad that most really enjoy my opinions and thoughts. Here is some more of my thoughts and explanations after taking it all in for over a week.

The various categories were developed by 3 people who have strong opinions. Unfortunately some people reading the blog here, and post on NYCNJHOOPS, did not understand the categories and honors. For example when I said Hall of Fame Coach that means that person has won, won, and won. A good example is Tiny Morton at Lincoln in Brooklyn. How could he not be a future Hall of Fame guy in NYC After winning so many PSAL championships and developing the amount of players he has. This is not a popularity contest. It is about what he has done winning wise. Think what you wish, but all he has done is win despite all types of attacks (it always happens when a person is successful) and attempting to hold him back in his early years.

Lets look at Gary Charles from the NY Panthers. No I do not kiss up to Gary but I know what type of guys he is. I know how he gets guys jobs and creates opportunities. I also know first hand what happens when a solid but not spectacular kid from the suburbs comes across the George Washington Bridge to play for him. THEY GET OPPORTUNITIES and NOTICE! My son would have received a great education at a small college in mid America somewhere. Maybe D2 or NAIA. Through Gary, and JIM Couch, and Doc Necelli, he had great offers and opportunities. But Gary was the true catalyst. This is why I say he is the powerful guys he is. Trust me he has gotten guys jobs and in a very few cases if any, he has stopped certain guys from getting opportunities. Small in stature but big in heart and getting the job done. Plus he cares about all his kids, even those who are not great players!

Speaking of Doc Necelli. HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN HIM! Doc is the MAN! He was part of the big three with Riverside and the Gauchos years ago when his Madison Square Broncos were one of the top area teams. Still remember sitting at one of his fund raisers with Rich Kossick and Jim Gatto years ago and when the bidding on items started ( to raise additional funds) the amounts got so large the 3 of us put our hands in our pockets just in case someone accidentally thought we were bidding lol. Anyone remember his old phone message with Riverside and Gaucho references lol.

I also heard that one outstanding coach thought the ratings for many were much too high. By the way he deservingly received a great rating. Some could have been higher but I wanted those guys to continue to shoot for perfection thus the lower ratings.

One thing I failed to mention is the 2 musketeers of grass root basketball in NYC. These are guys still involved with youth and doing it with their own money because they care. Jim Couch, and Carlton Screen Sr. have run programs out of parks if necessary just to help kids. They are guys without sneaker funding. They develop kids who go on to star at other places and programs. That's why both are legends in NYC and loved by everyone! Anyone remember Screen when he played hoops? Heard he was OUTSTANDING!!! Couch is originally from Asbury Park NJ so we have no reference on his game despite him always telling us how good he was in The US Army.

Lastly, this rating and award blog post is only the opinion of a few. As I mentioned in the past, everyone has their own version. This was just mine. If anyone has others, I would be more than happy to include. I was embarrassed that I left off Doc Necelli and Ken Pretlow initially. Both outstanding with kids and true winners.


Saw some posts on Rutgers board about NBA guys not playing hard in this league. I can assure you that they do. Anyone that knows Ron Artist will tell you he always plays hard. Even in the park in the Queensbridge Houses. But even if he did not, playing against him and players like Al Harrington and NYC legends can only help your game. JR Inman has been a true crowd favorite and yes he is playing on the box!!

Recruiting Information

There is a certain kid at Westchester Community college that has everyone all over the country booking flights to Westchester County Airport and Laguardia Airport. Kid is on everyone's list. Even hear Kentucky is involved. Not sure about Rutgers, but Seton hall is right in there with this 7 Foot Kid with serious skills.

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