Thursday, July 31, 2008

How Wrong Folks Are!

I love great fans and a few have it wrong about some of my postings. Lets start with Mr. Famous.

SPK on the Seton Hall site is a GREAT Fan and very knowledgeable. In fact he is one of my favorite reads on message boards and has been for many years. However, in this case I totally disagree with him about Mr. Famous from Westchester Community College. Anytime you can get a close to 7 ft guy who can run, is a decent athlete, has basketball skills, and works hard, you have a great pick-up for your program. In a time when we see so many one and done kids attending college, we lose site that there are kids with very good potential who might never make an NBA roster but would be very good on a high major level. That is what Jared Famous is. I contacted one of his ex coaches today to ask about some of the things said on the board and received the following answer. "Those folks have no idea about this kids potential and impact ability." "This Kid has come such a long way and everyone wants him." Transfers must have some decent game to get the attention he is getting. The ex coach just laughed and said it is odd that schools in most of the high major conferences are interested yet some folks think he is not good enough. I can tell folks this. SHU and Missouri want him really bad. My friends who coach tell me this kid will be a huge get for a BE program.

Someone on the SJU site of Big East Boards said I was giving it to Norm Roberts. I really was not. Just stunned that he is not going full steam for Mr. Famous. I have alot of respect for Norm and I really hopes he turns SJU around. The area wants and needs SJU, SHU, and RU to be good. I just think of all the area schools SJU needs him the most.

Someone on that same board accused me of saying Tiny Morton is a Hall of Fame Coach and I rank him over the CHSAA Coaches. Honestly I do think he is better than most of the CHSAA coaches. My feeling is anyone who can get to MSG year in and year out and turns out numerous D1 players is doing something right. I honestly am very impressed with Tiny's record and achievements. Just because he is at a public school does not mean he should automatically take a back seat to others. I do not know him personally and this is not a personality contest. My statements were based on his record. So those that disagree, that is your right. But the PSAL has very good coaches including those I mentioned.


Robert said...

I’m the original poster on the BEB who accused you of “slapping” Norm Roberts. While your comments about him not actively or aggressively recruiting Mr. Famous are fair game, your closing shot was ridiculous.

Yes, I’m talking about the last line regarding visiting Coach Nicholas.

I usually enjoy your writing and we can agree to disagree on topics such as a player’s ability, but the personal slap at Norm was uncalled for!

LFBall said...

Honestly I was not attempting to slap Norm. I just wanted to make a point. I just say how I feel and please remember I am just a guy who follows the game just a tad bit closer than most.

In regards to Norm, I really like him and believe in him. I was attacked on one SJU board for saying he was turning the corner. I remain a firm believer in Norm but still think he lacks that "Killer Recruiter" on his staff.

Thanks for your thoughtful comment. And please keep me in check. I love posters such as you who at least make their thoughts known in a intelligent way. Thanks again.

Kevin said...

The University of Arkansas is now actively pursuing this Mr. Famous.

(scroll down near bottom of article)