Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Outstanding and Important Recruit

Outstanding and Important Recruit

As most can see, I am not writing as many blog entry's as I will during the college basketball season. However about once a week I will post something I feel is relevant and important. Today is one of those days.

When it comes to recruiting, many say guards are more important than big guys. Others feel a big guy wins championships. Yet others think it is the 4 or 5 guy that gets the job done. Thus the case of what might be the most important recruit available for area universities.

I am talking about Jared Famous, the close to 7 Ft skilled big guy from Westchester Community College in Valhalla NY. I read on one message board that he is more of a MAAC player than a Big East Player. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE........Wrong! This kid is not only a big east player, he could be a big east impact player. 7 Ft with skills and the ability to run the floor. He also plays hard and is a good student. His friends and associates are not what you would even imagine from a player like this. They are your typical almost corny yet academically smart kids. In other words he hangs with the right type of kids.

According to many of my friends including his head coach, who I coached at one time during his playing days at Westchester Community College, this kid will be paid to play one day. And based on the turn out of D1 coaches , at a junior college showcase on Sunday, coaches all over America believe the same thing.

No less than 25 D1 programs were on hand to watch Mr. Famous play. Even Mike Anderson, head coach at Missouri, flew in. Mike did it the correct way. He arrived early and was the last one out the gym. He wants this kid bad!

Locally Norm Roberts, who needs this kid more than anyone in America, did not even bother to show. He sent one of his assistants. Rutgers sent Jim Carr, who has a good relationship with alot of area coaches. Unfortunately this kid sees himself competing against Jonathan Mitchell despite the fact they are telling him Mitchell will play the 3. Seton Hall was well represented by both Dermon Player and Head Coach Bobby Gonzalez, who positioned themselves in the corner right near Jared's people if you know what I mean.

Seems Seton Hall is doing a great job. However my sources tell me they need to be in more contact with Head Coach Winston Nicholas concerning Jared's recruitment. That is a huge concern of many. Winston has been around a long time and really is friends of Norm from Queens. How Norm is not all over this is baffling to say the least.

Lastly. Winton Nicholas, Westchester Community College Head Coach and one of the true GREAT GUYS in area sports, is recovering from surgery in a local NYC hospital. Amazing how the locals cannot find time to stop by and wish him well when out of town guys are finding the time to do this. Norm Roberts should be there 3 times a week!


SPK145 said...

Watching him play at Jerry Mullen's event in early July against better than EKB, he is not very good. Weak hands, poor finisher, limited knowledge of the game.

Did take the Mrs. to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in South Jersey recently on your behalf. Excellent dinner.

LFBall said...


The times you saw him must have been odd days. This kid has skills and is a sponge eager to learn and get better. All of my peeps from NYC say this kid is the real deal. Honestly it might not make a difference because the out of town schools are going very hard for him. Glad you enjoyed Ruth Chris. Now go into Brooklyn for the best staerk in the world (after me of course) at Peter Lugar in Williamsport! You will be very pleased. As good as Ruth Chris is, they are like Wendy's (or Tads for those older NYC folks)in comparison to Peter Lugars.