Sunday, April 6, 2008

SHU and More!!!!!

I am stunned to see an article written in the NY Post by Len Robbins saying Bobby Gonzalez could be fired. This has come from way out in left field. Now if the article had said the AD could be fired this week, it would have been way more believable. In fact, when I saw this on a few message boards, I thought it was another April Fools jokes done a few days late.

I am so shocked that Seton Hall would even consider such a move. What really happened? There must be something going on we do not know about. Was Bobby Gonzalez robbing banks in South Orange NJ? Did he run out of the Chinese Buffet (It really is good) on the SO boarder without paying? Is he smoking drugs and needs rehab? Did he punch a player? Did he slap the AD? Come on something else had to happen for SHU to consider terminating him. Has to be more that his game behavior, and the article in the newspaper about the NCAA tournament. What gives?

Let me use my imagination and attempt to figure this out.

SHU has identified another coach that they can get if they move fast. They like Bobby G but this is a great opportunity for them. They feel Bobby has done just enough to get rid of him For Cause, which means they have a good case not to have to pay him all his money due.

Maybe the AD really is not the bad guy everyone thinks he is. Maybe he is the one really fighting for Bobby but cannot say anything public. I know often decisions are made by the top brass and mid managers have to execute the decisions made. So maybe the SHU higher ups have had it out for Bobby and was just telling JQ what to do all along.

Maybe they heard Bobby was seriously considering going to Providence College and even had secrete talks with them. SHU, not wanting the negative fallout from those meetings and the possibility of Bobby leaving, decides to beat him to the punch.

But here is what might be the real reason for the story. They are attempting to scare Bobby Gonzalez straight! They want him to know they mean business in regards for the demand they have made regarding his bench behavior and other issues. This is silly to me but highly probable!

One thing for certain is if this happens it could take SHU 3 years to recover. And if there is not a secrete deal already done with a Super Coaching replacement, getting someone good could be extremely difficulty if not impossible. But than again I am sure the Rutgers AD could assist in finding a good replacement. maybe one of the Rutgers Assistant Coaches.

Two interesting games on TV last night.

The final four is a great day for college basketball. Much better than championship Monday. In fact the airports are packed with people returning home. Tickets, many from current D1, D2, D3, HS, and AAU coaches went on sale yesterday at the local ticket scalpers windows on a corner near where the game tonight will take place.

We all know the scores and the side stories. But I am sure it was a huge win for Kansas beating the Coach who left for a better opportunity. They are smiling in Lawrence Kansas today! Memphis has to be excited. They will be in the National Championship game again. Shades of Larry Finch!! People do not remember that they were such a super power years ago under Dana Kirk ( I think that was the coaches name), that Isaac Hayes played the organ at home games which were always sold out.

The big question is where will John Calipari (sp) be next season? Who will draft Derrick Rose because he is definitely going to the NBA? Where will Psycho T (I love the name) Tyler Hansborough (sp) be next season? How about Kevin Love? By the way I like Love alot, Don't love him, or should I say don't love Love lolol. But I do thing he has great promise despite being somewhat heavy footed and athletically challenged for the NBA at this time. But again, HE GETS THE JOB DONE!

My Basketball Involvement

Someone on the RU message board asked who I am? I am just a guy who loves to watch and talk HS and College basketball. That's it!!! I do have alot of experience but that is not important. I would like to thank Jellyman from the RU board for his ACCURATE description of me. Except 2 things. I have never charged a dime to assist a kid. NEVER!! And the number of kids I have helped is alot more than a few. Try hundreds. In fact I will be doing a mental toughness workout program for basketball players in the NY/NJ area in the very near future. It involves playing and thinking the game drills. The program has worked and is designed to teach kids how to COMPETE on every play while playing smart and hard. It is a true boot camp! It will be open to no more than 15 kids including HS and College players. 6 have contacted me already. Unfortunately this time there will be a cost. And that cost will be gas money and a sandwich. This should workout to around 2-3 dollars a person lol. Hey, gas is expensive now lol. I can be contacted at

Playez Spring Fling

Lots to say about this in my next blog post. Stay tuned!


ironlung75 said...

We are all as surprised as you and this whole thing is making me sick to my stomach. Bobby is what everyone who did not like Louie's laid back style seemed to want. Now that we have him its know. I think the guiy is great. For the school, for the program and for College Hoops in general. Bobby is over the top, but the characters in this activity make it special and he has been singled out. Is Bruce Pearl criticized for his behavior? Calhoun? Huggins did a lot worse than Bobby ever did and at WVa. they think he is the second coming.
JQ on the other hand is a bad person. He does not support his own people. He hangs people out to dry in public. He runs around with his black book trying to “catch" people, particularly Bobby doing doing something or anything wrong. He is a parody of many characters in his position. Dean Faber in Animal House, Dean Elias in Necessary Roughness, Frank Burns, The boss in Dilbert. We laughed at them, this is not a laughing matter …it’s a travesty.

Mongo said...


What did Huggins do at WVU that was worse than BG? Not sure I agree with you on that one, especially since I am a WVU fan and graduate. It seems like people come out of the wood work to attack Hugg's whenever he does good.

Anyhow, it is a bick shocking that SHU would consider firing BG. I know him and AD Quinlan don't see eye-to-eye, but like you said it seems like he has it in for BG.

It'll be interesting to see what comes of this.

John said...

1) It is particularly difficult to get ahold of any real facts - other than timing and sequence of printed reports. Here's an example: one day Coach Gonzalez has an article in the NY Times and the very next day a lone article in the NY Post appears, quoting the AD being "disturbed" about the article by BG in the Times. It is very hard to interpret this, but at least we have printed evidence and timing. Anyone who has spent anytime in the working world knows that this is called "hanging someone out to dry" - whether it is merited or not.

2) Aside from a few very terse, minimalist statements from the AD, there have been no other printed public statements from various official parties supporting BG. Nothing from SHU, nothing from the BE conference office, nothing from the AD, nor from other parties.

3) Contradictory reports in blogs and contradictory articles in the press continue to appear even on the same day. This is very difficult to interpret and comprehend.

4) A suspension was announced by the AD and since that time, BG has not communicated in public in any way. The Big East has not taken any further action (at least none in public). One cannot tell whether the Big East is satisfied with what was done in the case of BG and SHU - and of couse, we have no information (in public or otherwise hinted at) regarding whether RU and FHJ face anything. One cannot interpret this either way (either positive or negative for RU or SHU) - but one can certainly say that RU has remained unaffected by the matter so far.

5) The primary recruiting period with well-known windows is here. We can observe the timing of student athletes giving "verbals" and LOIs and asking for "releases" and whatnot. It may take some time to form an opinion regarding this. The sequence and timing of announcements and the lack of positive recruiting annoucements for SHU is disturbing - although we simply cannot know yet what is or is not in the works. It is reasonable for a thinking person to wonder about the timing of the contradictory reports in the press and the blogs - who is taking advantage of whom? We do not yet know - but the anxiety over this continues to build.

6) Repeated references to the lack of financial endowment, financial support, and salaries (not to mention lack of people in positions to support the athletic programs at SHU) is alarming. This points at a substantial root cause area - what does the school and its Board of Regents want to be when it/they "grow up"? It's a major part of the SHU experience to be part of the Big East. Is this realistic? Do other schools in the Big East actually want to have the smaller schools be part of the conference? Does the conference want SHU in the Big East? As an outside observer, I can say only tentatively that I have seen no evidence for or against these questions, but I have no confidence that SHU is a welcome member. But - I don't know.

Of course, as a fan, I agonize over the constant yo-yo of reports and wish "the pain" would go away. It doesn't look like this will happen. All these factors are entwined in a particularly toxic mix. It will take a gigantic amount of courage, decisiveness and constant outward communication to make a healing change in these circumstances.

I only hope that those who can make a difference in this situation will do so before it is too late.

LFBall said...

Thanks so much for the great comments. As I said, there has to be more to this than meets the eye. No way firing BG should even be an option or consideration.

darrenmaloney said...

Joe Quinlin is a piece of shit. That is being nice. He is the kid who told on other kids at school. He is nerd who never laced them up and knows NOTHING about coaching, competing, or anything at all about being in the trenches. He learned from the ultimate two faced nerd...Booby M.

Gonzo should run as fast as he can to Marist or anywhere else he can to get his career back on track. He did some of his own damage and definitely needs to get his arrogance and ego in check. That being said, he has much to offer but it is almost too late with the manner in which that gutless eagle scout JQ has handled things.

darrenmaloney said...

saw you at playaz. tell it like it is....come on LF you are honest...Jimmy Salmon is EVERYTHING that is wrong about aau and college recruiting!!! what a bunch of great role models running that tournament.

LFBall said...

Did you really see me? I was only there for a shortime saturday because I had to be in Maryland than NC for a meeting. I will give a report on the Playez ball when I can think clearly. Lots on my mind about AAU.

Heads up regarding the huge announcement by the NBA abd NCAA tomorrow. It might just be them coming together to run AAU and Rec basketball. Stay tuned!!!

I am stunned! Did we talk? What was your role? Were you coaching?