Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rutgers Al and More!!!!!!!

Still no word from Rutgers Al! I really want to do a small piece on him for this blog. Many might disagree. but I feel he is extremely interesting and comical at the same time. I love reading his posts. Does anyone actually know him? Has anyone actually met him? Is he an adult? Is he a kid posting from school? I am so confused by him that I need to hear his thoughts so we all can know how to take him. So please Al, email me at LFBall@aol.com. This will be a great forum for you. Lets have some fun!!

Seton Hall

I need to be clear about my thoughts on the SHU situation. I honestly feel it is nothing wrong with the AD spending time at a RU Football game. That is as long as there are not SHU athletic events taking place at the same time! He also has a right to have a Mentor and friends at Rutgers. But it is one thing to have a Mentor and friends and another thing to talk SHU business with them considering they are and always will be rivals.

I am pleased that Bobby and the AD will come to the table together. But what will that accomplish if someone MAKES THEM MEET? The meeting will just be a formality. We all know Bobby has a strong personality and can be overwhelming. But in alot of cases that's what's needed for success. Years from now he could be the face of SHU nationally as he leads the team to national prominence. And trust me he will. Even if he has assistants he can bully lol. But he is a tireless worker who has always been loyal to folks he met on the way up including yours truly.

The RU and SHU Rivalry

There could not be two better Head Coaches for this than FHJ and BG!! This could not happen with a Norm Roberts because he is too nice and smooth. These two guys are true barracudas and will get it done by any means necessary. And this is not a bad thing. It's a GREAT THING! I even see a great charity event in the next few years with a boxing match at a location to be determined involving the two of them. The teams will be the same way. It could be the same rivalry that Duke and Carolina has. Do any of you even think Roy and Coach K really like each other? They respect each other but will never be on the golf course together in Myrtle Beach.

This rivalry will be the thing that will help keep kids home. If it is promoted right both games next season will be sold out. Enrollment wise each school will see more applications from in state students based on what happens. Of course RU gets much more now based on the football success.


Folks please do not get carried away by commitments based on rankings. Of course rankings do mean kids have talent. But remember the college game is about strength, explosiveness, skills, and heart. Not to mention coachability, which is a new word meaning they can learn and be coached. Both SHU and RU are going to get solid players now and in the future. But the name of the game remains OFFENSIVE EXECUTION and DEFENSE. Now SJU? Not sure what's happening there. Norm is the Gentleman Coach so not much is ever released. Even informed guys like John Salvo are not prevy to info from the SJU camp. But Norm better win next season!


Will they name a coach this year? Jeeeeeeeeeeez!!!!! I cannot believe they are not considering Steve Demeo (sp) the ex Providence Assistant. How about Ron Brown from FDU? Honestly, why not Jim Carr from RU? Long shot but sure fire winner: Ray Haskins ex LIU HC. I still like Jose R and Bruce H as a staff.

****** Hot news flash. I hear that Jean Prelough, ex Fordham and Teaneck Star, and Jimmy Ingles (sp) ex Assistant at Rider are being strongly considered for NJIT job!!!

Marist College

A great job and great stepping stone to bigger future positions. They seem to have some great candidates for the position. Not sure who will get it but by the look of the applicant pool, they will be on great shape. Not so sure the James Madison job is better than Marist. But maybe the conference is more competitive.


They would be fools NOT TO TAKE Jim O' Brian!!!! He is by far the best choice. But watch them take the guy from Siena lol. PC needs a guy who understands winning at the highest level. Plus Jim is a fine coach and better person. He was treated unfairly and Ohio State had to pay. OS loss should be Providence College's gain.


John said...

Wow, LF, this is a meaty mouthful of interesting observations. My own personality is very much like Norm Roberts compared to the other two - so I have to say that I'll bet he'll do better than people will expect, just very quietly. Who knows!

Your thought about Jim O'Brian and Providence - my take is that when BC (those traitors) defected, it took a critical part of visibility out of the northern end of BE territory. Having a really strong coach at Providence is vital for the BE.

Regarding "peace-making" at the SHU table. I've had years of experience as a negotiator and program manager, and I've got to tell you, the only way these two men work together is if they genuinely want to understand one another. If both of them do not have some bit of generosity of spirit inside themselves to overcome the disastrous public behaviors, it will never end well for one or both. And this will hurt the school, the students and the players.

My sense is that the agony SHU fans feel right now is based on realizing that the playing field in the rivalry with RU is not level-set. If both schools have potentially successful coaches and both schools have strong AD backing and the educational experience is positive at both (different sizes and styles), THEN, the playing field is level. Right now, it is not level - and that's where the unhappiness is coming from.

Anyway, great thoughts!

LFBall said...


Thanks for your GREAT comments. Wish more folks would leavce thoughts because my hidden hit counter is very high. Thanks again and please keep reading and posting.

John said...

I promise!

Gregg said...

If no one wants the NJIT job, then I'll take it!

LFBall said...


I am sure you would do a good job. I mean, you could nopt do any worst. But I do hear they have two candidate including John Preilou.

darrenmaloney said...

You are correct on Jim O'Brien. By far the best choice.
As far as SHU. The problem is the AD. He is no good. Believe me, they will make NO progress with him at the helm.
Jim Carr couldn't coach his way out of a shoebox. He is a kiss ass backstabber. Nobody respects him. Can NEVER be anything more than "go get some soda and sandwiches".

Richard said...

RutgersAl in a NUTshell:

"We could be BETTER than Memphis next year if Ebanks comes"
...(thread on the SN board)

Honest L, that is what he does now, that is ALL he does. He pizzes all RU opponents off b4 any game, and, he pizzes off most RU fans all season long...other than when he takes the time to post the daily news links.

Honestly, he knows his shtick, and he plays up to it now. He has his place in RU forum lore, and he plays it to the hilt. And...he's a fanatical BORE when you come right down to it. He absolutely loves the notoriety, and he pursues it. That is what is known on the net as a...well, you know what. ;)
That said, he is an adult believe it or not. And, he is also a post grad of UMiami.
And, he's a major thorn in their collective soul as well.
BUT, he is a Rutgers fan through thick and thin, for better or worse...