Friday, April 18, 2008

I Am Back!!!!

Out of town for a few days on business. Wish I could have closed a deal or two lol. But it is back to basketball.


OK hats off to FHJ and his entire staff. Anyone who knows me understands I give credit where credit is due. RU has really done an outstanding job recruitment wise. They got the two Jr. Studs and follow up by being in the drivers seat with Jonathan Mitchell and Devin Ebanks. All I can say is wow!! If they get Mitchell, and add Ebanks, to go along with Enchique (just got back too tired to check spelling)who could enroll this fall, Jackson, and Rosario, they could be the most improved team in America on Paper. Kids will flock to RU if Ebanks commits! They might flock if he does not commit. That team would be young and dangerous. And Ebanks could be considered a program changer. That would give RU a bunch of highly recruited players who know how to win.

But honestly I think even without Ebanks Rutgers has really gotten better. Ebanks would be icing on a cake that already looks delicious. It is hard to pass up certain programs based on what they OFFER. Just hope Ebanks looks at life after basketball when he makes his decision. Anything can happen and just as easy as he could be an NBA 1st rounder, he could be out of basketball because something went wrong. This is why it is important to choose that school with great connections where you wish to reside. It's about opportunity. Heck even walk-on's from SOME LOCAL programs received great advice and career connections that have allowed them to become very successful 1 or 2 years after college.

Now if this happens alot of folks will try to duck Rutgers this season. And FHJ will have to pull the right strings and show the world he can coach! But one thing for certain, they are in homes of almost every good HS player in the area. They are getting it done more than any other college or university in the area,

Seton Hall

Despite not having anyone super significant other than Jordan Theodore coming aboard at this time, SHU will still be a better team next season. They will jell and be a huge surprise in college basketball. Watch NuNU have a great year!!! Watch improved play from the SHU big guys. If Mike Glover is eligible he could be a difference maker. Ask kids at other schools. In fact ask Devin Ebanks and Christian Morris. Mike could be a beast in the Big East.

Watch Bobby G and Dermon get 1 or 2 players who will play significant minutes.
But even if they do not get great talent, the kids in the program with Theodore and Glover, could be a tough out night in and night out. Trust me, kids like SHU!!! Stay tuned.

Danny Hurley

I am soooooooooooo glad he will remain on the HS level. Everyone knows I love the way he handles his job, players, and coaches the game. He is needed for at least a few years more before going back to college basketball. I really wish he would wait on my grandson Logan, who will be between 6 ft 8 and 7 ft tall in a few years.

Coaching Candidates at UMASS.

Looks like the Rick Patino School of Coaches Career Day! 4 out of 6 guys being considered are close to Patino. That includes alot of guys who are nowhere as connected, nor are close to having the basketball understanding that current Umass Assistant Timmy Maloney has. Timmy is the best choice for the job but I am sure Rick will have his hands deeply involved in choosing the future coach.


Mongo said...


Maybe you haven't heard the news, but Ebanks was in Morgantown last weekend and by all accounts had an "excellent meeting with Bob Huggins". Also, I heard his family came away ipressed with WVU.

I don't know where you came up with RU being the frontrunner, but if I had to take a guess I'd say RU is #3 behind Memphis and WVU. I still think WVU has the best chance to land him though.

LFBall said...

you could be right. Rutgers might not be the top choice for many reasons I will not say. But everyone knows its THE BEST CHOICE if he is serious about learning and doing more than play basketball in his life.

If this kid goes to WVU I would not be as surprised as I would be concerned. That would make WVU a Cinn type player like when Huggs was there. Trust me I know as a former West virginia College student that even Gale Catlett recruited by any means necessary. So no I am not surprised but very concerned!

Mongo said...


Unfortunately I believe Ebanks is "one and done". All indications say that he'll bolt for the NBA after his freshman season.

As far as Rutgers being the best choice? Hmmm...I don't know? Maybe it can prepare him for later in life, but something tells me that Ebanks maybe seeing $$$ quickly. I just think Huggs can prepare him better for his long term goals and dream: The NBA. You can't knock Huggs record for getting guys to "The League". He's almost in a class of his own.

Catlett started to get shady towards the end of his tenure. He brought in guys like John Hargett, Tim Lyles, Lionel Armstead to try to plug holes quickly. All three were eventually booted off the team. I agree on that one about his recruiting later on.

LFBall said...

My concerns are not really about him prepareing for the NBA. It is about him prepareing for life because he might not be the one and done guy folks think he is.

Yes Huggins can get him ready for the NBA, but will he be better after basketball. Plus, it is not a definate that he will be a money making pro. Just ask Pearl Washington, Omar Cooke, Lenny Cooke, and others.

Lastly, Mr. Ebanks might just be looking at the dollars in more ways than one lol.