Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov 19, 2013

After watching some decent at best basketball on TV last night I have to say I came away less than impressed with what I saw.  Not sure where the excitement of execution has disappeared to, but from what I saw the local tri-state teams are in serious need for a shot of excitement.

Last night was huge for me. I made popcorn, had chips and dip, and a nice steak meal as I prepared for a game I have been looking forward to for a while. I wanted to see this game because I needed to see for myself what I was doing with my blog this season when it came to a particular team. Oh I want to praise them so much and hoped to start today. I have received emails and even a call or two asking me to be positive.

Well, last night FDU came out and lost to Arizona by 50!  Thats right 50!!!!!!  I could never understand how any team, even FDU, could lose by 50 to anyone with the huge number of talented players available to schools these days. I could see a 22 point loss, etc. But where is the pride? Why did everyone not foul out trying to defend and win?  If anyone had only 1or 2  fouls and played big minutes they should be addressed! Better yet they should be undressed and sat the next game!

So interesting watching a team come on national TV and look like a member of the CUNY conference in size and even corny uniforms with no names on the back. I mean, are they going to use the same stuff the next few years? FDU step into the year 2013!  Bad enough only 100 come out to watch the games.  FDU Administration wake up and give your coaches the support they need to be successful. Put a few dollars into the program and make it what it has the potential to be. Nuff said!!!

Had an opportunity to watch SHU against Monmouth and what a let down it was for me. Sure SHU will be better when they jell and play better competition.  But what was alarming to me is the numerous empty seats that were so visible on TV.  I am sure glad Whitehead signed before seeing this lack of support. I cannot understand how any person in Northern or Central Jersey who enjoys basketball does not have season tickets to SHU or Rutgers. If I lived there I would have two midway up for both teams.  I always had this dream to live near a large university and have season tickets for basketball and football.

Rutgers is no different. I guess it is now a football school but sooner than later the basketball program will catch up and that basketball ticket will be a hot one.  Just interested to see the turnout when Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan come into the area next season. People need to get those season  tickets now!!!

Watched Monmouth play. What a great job, what great facilities, what a great location, what a great potential  fan base, what a great stepping stone job!  I am telling folks a lot of people are eying that job............just in case King Rice is let go. The right person could make that place the Gonzaga of the East Coast!

Still waiting got the full HS schedule to come out in NY, NJ, and PA.  I want to circle certain games to attend. The Hoop Group Showcase will be my first event and I sure hope to see some good games. I still feel the two most talented teams will St. Joe's and Roselle Catholic in NJ. But the best team will once again be St. Anthony's. Ever notice how St. Anthony players for the most part are not dominant college players? says a lot about the great coaching done by Bob Hurley. System and team first!!!

OK next up to watch is St. Johns.  I have a feeling this team will be very good this season despite the coaches not wearing neck ties and looking soooooo un-groomed on the bench lol.

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