Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Basketball is here in full swing and fans all over the country are experiencing ups and downs with some of their favorite teams. North Carolina lost to Belmont and than came back to beat a great Louisville Team.  Ketucky the pre season number 1 with a bag full of...... no not money, but big time one and done recruits loses its first game out of the blocks. Just proves anything can happen no matter how a team looks on paper!

Even FDU went out and took a powerful Michigan Team to overtime and beat up on both Kansas, and North Carolina. Yes, this is a season of ups and downs!  Wait, you say I was dreaming and FDU did not do as I said? You mean to say they are so bad they lost to a team called Metro State University and people do not even know where the team is from or if this is really a university or correspondence school where you get you degree on line and the actual games are played with game systems since the players are all over the world. They just came together for the FDU win!  I cannot believe I was dreaming!

Seton Hall University is currently 4-2 with a nice meaningful win over Virginia Tech of the ACC. I believe SHU just might win the next 10 games in a row and be 14-2 going into a rough part of the schedule. Included in the 10 wins could be Rutgers who still is seeking answers to a team who does have good talent.

Rutgers is 3-3 but should be 5 and 1 based on who they represent and who they played against. But the good news is FDU is on the schedule and they also play Stillman, a school I remember from the Bill Cosby Show. Is this a real game or is someone playing with us? Than again the better game would be FDU vs Stillman with Bill Cosby giving a trophy to the winner.  In fact if Stillman played FDU,  Dick Vitale would be screaming how Stillman is playing a weak patsy schedule lol.  Stillman? Oh boy!!!  In Eddie Jordan I trust and soon he will have this team soaring!  But right now they are bleeding Scarlet!

St. Johns still seems like the best team in the area but is also not playing many local schools this season. Dartmouth,  Longwood, Penn State, Youngstown State? Why not Iona? Why not Rutgers? Why not FDU? lol  I like this SJU team and looking forward to attending a game soon. Think they would leave me a ticket? (smile) 3 and 1 and soaring! The Garden just might be rocking this season!

Binghamton must be questioning all the things THEY did wrong. Kevin Broadus (sp) please come back and bring your Assistants?  They are 1-4 and still getting a good turnout! Unlike another school in NJ near Teaneck I will not mention lol

Monmouth is 1-3 but really playing some quality teams. All I will say is a lot of Assistants are drooling as they watch what plays out in Long Branch NJ!

Does Rider have a team this season? Just kidding I am sure they do. Just again wish they would improve the facilities or did they? Wonderful place and a wonderful school that supports!

Siena, the best mid major program attendance wise in the NE continues to struggle. If I did not know better I would think the old coach was still there.  They are 2-4 and dropping!  But since there is still nothing to do up in the Albany area folks will go to games. They drew 11,000 ti the home opener vs Albany, a game they lost!

Fordham 2-2! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ   Great school, great coaches, great location, but something boring about the place.  We do understand that a Fordham degree is a powerful piece of paper. But it just seems like something is missing! Ok just realized what it is, a new arena on campus or on Fordham Road!

HS season in NJ is weeks away and in NYC the games have begun. I hope to follow both areas well this season as well as some of the games in NEPA, a place with magnificent gyms and improving basketball programs.

By the way the results of the losers event between St. Peters and FDU are in. The winner is FDU who remains without a win. Poor St. Peters moves into the winning at least a game circle!

Have a great Monday everyone!

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