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Tuesday, November 19, 2012

Writing from NE Pennsylvania, the Poconos to be exact. Well, its that time again for my blog to start covering basketball in the Northeast. I love HS and College basketball but will occasionally write about the NBA. As in the past this blog will be written only when I have something to say and express, which is fairly often. So sit back and relax as I write about the basketball happenings in 3 states.

Rutgers to The Big 10

Wow, I never saw it coming. Is this a good move for Rutgers? I say heck yes based on the direction the football program is heading. Rutgers Football seems to have arrived. But when you put it against traditional powers such as Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin and others the challenge will be great. I have seen first hand those programs in action from the private jets, to 80,000 and above full stadiums and very wealthy boosters. Can Rutgers compete in the long run? I say YES!!!  I say it is a great move for the football program.

This brings me to the Rutgers basketball program. Is it me or does the RU basketball program on both the men and women's side seem to be at a stand still. Where is the excitement? Where is the sold out RAC? Where is the great TV Contract? Where is the upgraded RAC, which is all they really need because trust me Northwestern is not that much better if at all.

Looking at RU basketball I really am not seeing much growth this season. It sure will be hard competing against schools with much larger slush accounts if you know what I mean. I really do not see RU in a post season event anytime in the near future unless they decide to take a trip to China in late JULY. The basketball program needs marketing, marketing, and marketing as well as a better product on the floor. Just my opinion!

Seton Hall

Much of what I said about the Rutgers Basketball Program can be said about Seton Hall. Where is the glamour? Where is the potential? When will they be ready for a post season event?  I love the Pru Center and the games there are exciting. Just wonder what will happen with all the BE defections?  I am not so sure a league with SJU, SHU, DePaul, Georgetown, Providence, Villanova, Temple, St. Joe's,  UMass, and Louisville would not be a great league.  I happen to like it and the out of conference possibilities based on a smaller league schedule.

As far as the SHU team I really need to watch them more. Not sure if recruiting is going in the direction they hoped it would. A lot has to be stepped up. How do they get the Roberson's, Sina's, Anderson's and others to seriously consider attending Seton Hall? Ditto Rutgers! Ditto St. Johns who I think does not have one local scholarship player on the roster!

St. Johns

Watched them play and they are young gifted and athletic. Not sure about the leadership on the floor and the way they play in regards to a post season birth, They seem to be playing at one speed the game I watched. But being young can often take some time in molding players into a real unit.  Also very interesting that it seems they do not have one local player on scholarship unless I missed something. I have never seen a SJU team without local representation. NYC has great HS and JC players. At one time SJU just chose who they wanted. Times have changed.


I have heard whispers that Ben Howland is a bit over his head at UCLA.  Where is the player development? Honestly they have top 5 talent  on the court with very little direction. Georgetown is good but player to player UCLA is 16 points better on an off night. Are you kidding me? What a disappointment it was watching them play.

Where is Tony Parker? Is he sick? Did I miss him playing? When was the last time we saw Kyle Anderson finish with zero point? Where is the team development? What did they do on their summer trip go sight seeing? UCLA has at least 5 future NBA players on the roster. Or do they? It depends on the teaching and coaching. Trust me Howland must be on the hot seat because in no way is that team playing as they should be playing. It is up to the coach to put players in a position to be successful!  Just a terrible job all the way around!


OK no comment lolol    Nah I have to say something. Do they still have a team? Are they D1? Did they move the games to the church basement down the street? Still the saddest program in D1 and I do not blame the coaches. I blame the AD and FDU Administration.  I still say soon they will announce FDU going D3 with no scholarships. I can see it happening. Cannot wait to see that Lehman College vs FDU Game. better yet that CCNY with Coach Tom Green vs FDU game would be even better. I say CCNY by 15 right now if Tom Green is still there!

Julius Allen to Pratt Institute

Great hire by Pratt getting Julius Allen, the former D1 assistant at many schools to take over as Head Coach of Pratt Institute. If Julius stays for a while look for them to be a true power in their league.

Robert Holford to Queensborough CC

Another great hire getting the ex National JC D3 Coach of the Year. Watch them improve right out of the gate. I would not be surprised if this team wins the CUNY CC Championship.

HS Basketball

Looking forward to the Hoop Group Event scheduled for West Orange HS in a few weeks.  Great games with many great as well as underrated players participating.

Well, thats it as a start. Be ready for a lot of controversial posts and stories that many others will not say or share. Until next time, be safe and enjoy the hoops in person and on TV.

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