Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The college basketball season has come up on us very quickly. We are seeing some major developments in the sport we all love and adore. And nothing including the recent Big East defections is more news worthy than what has happened at FDU (smile)

FDU has won 3 games this season out of 6 played. Maybe they need to put a hold on the back room deal of making the program a JC or D 3 program. Maybe they need to bring those end zone bleachers back out of storage because the Knights are on fire!  I give it to them when I think they are bad. So I need to give it to them when they hold serve in the Garden State. Last night they beat St. Peters for the 3rd win this season. Congratulations to all of the players, coaches and all 75 season ticket holders. Question: Do you think the President of FDU finally knows they have a sports program including D 1 men and women basketball teams? Just curious!

What is happening to the Big East? Contrary to public opinnion I think  a league of St. Johns, SHU, Georgetown, Providence, Memphis, Temple, Villanova,  Depaul,  and others would be a great league. A basketball only league with an opportunity for all the teams to play tremendous out of conference schedules to attract people to games on campus and at area arenas.  This would be far from the old ECAC and one that could be stronger by adding teams like St. Joe's, and UMass. Interesting every one of the teams are potential future top 20 programs!

Louisville to the ACC is one of the dumbest and unnecessary moves in the history of D1 basketball. OK maybe it was a football decision because it sure was not about basketball where they traditionally sell out in that great new arena. Well I guess Rick will look great in NC with the white suit on!

What is it with all these teams joining conferences with no boundaries.  Who ever heard of playing home and away against teams on the other side of the country? I remember when Hawaii had  serious travel challenges as a D1 basketball program. They would come to the main-land and play 4 games in a row and go back. Now it seems they had an easy travel schedule compared to what other schools are doing. What about the Student Athletes? Does anyone care about the long dumb road trips that could affect academic performance?  Where is the NCAA on this? Heck why not have UCLA accept an offer to join the Big East?

Some things just does not even sound right. Syracuse of the ACC? Please! Florida State at Syracuse is some trip! How about Notre Dame in the ACC? I could see the Big 10, not the ACC. ND at NC State? Please! No one cares because money talks and it has never been about the student atheletes. And honestly it never will be.

Speaking of UCLA what is happening? Ummmmmmmmmmm! I sure do not know Ben Howland but I will say it is a great thing his hair is almost gone because if it was not he sure would lose it now based on the turmoil in Southern California.  Lets see they have a new arena, tradition, about 4 to 7 Micky D HS All Americans, lots of money, powerful boosters and playing like FDU.  OK FDU from last season! To me it is about player development and putting players in position to succeed and this is not happening. Interesting how the pitfalls of UCLA makes the case for Kentucky with recruits even stronger. I would bet Shabazz Mohammed is having second thoughts right now. Ditto Kyle Anderson who seems to have the life sucked out of him by the herky jerky way they are playing him.  Tony Parker?  Where is he? The Wear Twins? I bet they wish they would have stayed at UNC. Larry Drew might be the only person happy because he only has to experience the craziness for this season. Everyone knows that the fans will stay away in Southern California if things are not going right.  If things continue all those undergrads will return unless they transfer because none are showing true skills and abilities in Westwood  in ways to attract professional dollars anywhere other than stints in Red China and the new pro league in Alaska.  If Ben Howland does not return, and that is a great possibility, look for Mark Gottfried (sp)  of NC State to be a serious candidate. We could also see the emergence of all the players mentioned to the level we expected. Trust me Kyle Anderson is a winner and will excel soon! Mohammed is, like Anderson, a future PRO! Tony Parker? If he was at Kentucky he would have an agent already!

Speaking of Kentucky I hate what is happening but sure understand it is all about the Benjamin's (dollars). Everyone knows what they are doing, everyone accepts what they are doing, no one cares what they do. They have removed the education from the term student athlete.  Kids are attending Kentucky in the hope of turning pro after 1 season. And they have no problem with this at Kentucky or the NCAA offices. What happened to the college experience? What happened to not growing up to fast? Honestly the NBA should allow kids to go from HS to the Pros again to stop the masquerade taking place. Everything they do at Kentucky is geared to NBA. They really should be taken only courses in banking, investing, and business because they really are there as NBA interns or cooperative education students learning on a college campus before heading to the real world of the NBA.

I again look at the NCAA and wonder how 80 percent of the college programs are cheaters according to many of my friends working in the athletic business. Some more than others, some minor and others major. From illegal trips, to illegal calls, to payments through 3rd parties, to give-backs to programs for players, to years ago paying certain AAU type programs to play pre-season games against college teams (playing with ex players many supplied by the college they play).  And now all this movement between conferences and not a word about the affect on student athletes. Wow!

Until next time I say enjoy a great game near you. I personally am looking forward to the Hoop Group Tip Off event at West Orange NJ HS.  

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