Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Is Needed!

Building or Re-Building A Basketball Program

Let me start by saying most if not all guys coaching college basketball in division 1, 2, or 3 should have forgotten more than I will ever know when it comes to coaching, recruiting players, and running solid programs. Despite that fact, I still need to give my opinion on what is necessary staff wise for programs , especially local Big East Programs, to succeed.

Being loyal is a great attribute. being loyal to a fault can be considered dangerous. With this in mind I feel everyone should sit back and see what happens as the new area coaches assemble staffs. However I will say you cannot expect to win the NJ Tournament of Champions or the State of NY Championship with coaches who coached at the JHS level the prior year. What needs to happen is you get a mixture of experienced people at the level you are competing and mix them with 1 or 2 up and coming guys from a different level.

What I am really saying is a MAAC staff, regardless of how great they were in the MAAC could have difficulty going against a staff such as the ones in place at West Virginia, Syracuse, UConn, Marquette, North Carolina, Georgetown, and Duke etc. These schools have seasoned recruiters in place who UNDERSTAND how to get it done at THE HIGH D1 LEVEL! If you look at the teams who really trail in the standings alot of it has to do with the caliber of assistants especially recruiting assistants. But time will tell and I hope the staffs at the various BE schools are STRONG enough to keep tri-state area kids home.

St. Johns Brings Keady?

Hope he comes as a volunteer coach at the most. Those coaching spots need to be filled by guys who will be held responsible. Hard to get alot from a person who really is retired and just doing a job as a favor. Heck even John Wooden himself could not help St. Johns as much as a strong solid staff of experienced guys that are hungry. But again if Gene Keady, FROWN AND ALL, comes as a volunteer it should be a decent addition.

Well one thing for sure, St. Johns has knocked everyone else off the sports pages the past few days. This is when the recruiting wars start. And believe it or not the Sports Information people are really unofficial members of the RECRUITMENT STAFF at many universities. This is when they need to be pumping out info and keeping their university in the news in a positive way. Seton Hall has done this but all the others are almost invisible. Remembers HS Players are on the Internet and read newspapers.

Lots of college jobs are opening up and it is very important to get the correct assistants. Steve Lavin was smart enough to take less salary so that the assistants he hires will be the best based on financial compensation. Hired Head Coaches need to put ego aside and get a staff that will help as opposed to being a staff that will just agree with everything he Head Coach says. Forget the politics, go get a people that can help in the long run or else change will again come in 3-4 years.

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