Friday, April 2, 2010

Very Short and Quick Post

Again I say the Assistant Coaches on a staff are very important. The Head Coach closes the deal but in most cases it is the Assistants that bring the top guys to the table. Trust me on this if nothing else.

People seem to be a bit upset because I feel some programs need stronger staffs. Sorry, that's how I feel. I just want the area teams to do well! Time will tell if coaches have the right people.

Steve Lavin can call all the AAU and HS power brokers he wants to if he thinks that is the way to get it done. However, there are some others who could give him the great insight. Let me start by saying 80 percent of the guys mentioned for assistant jobs are not what he needs and they sure as heck are not what is expected at the new St. Johns. I do not care about NBA backgrounds, coaching experience with AAU programs, etc. Lavin needs GREAT and CLASSY guys on his staff.

He needs Leitao, Slice, Kamani Young, and Ron Neclerio!!!!!!! Yes I said Ron Neclerio!!! He than can bring in Gene Keady frown and all to help as a volunteer or P/T guy. Now if he cannot get these guys I would sub Book Richardson in there if he is available at any of the positions. If he can get Jay Williams, he too could be a part of the staff if others decline. The new St. Johns staff should be so good that when they enter a gym to recruit all eyes are on them and they command attention.

If Lavin comes up with some of the guys mentioned, St. Johns would be right back where they were in the past. The exciting thing to me was the fact St. Johns would have a great staff. Lavin alone is not as exciting as him with a world class staff.

It seems the Playaz Basketball club is having an event this weekend. I just found out because with the closing of NYCNJHOOPS, alot on information is not available. Wish it was still going because it was a great basketball connector.

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