Monday, June 1, 2009

Whats New?

Jarid Famous.......Again

Jarid Famous, Jarid Famous, Jarid Famous, Jarid Famous! Is it me or does his people including Parents, WCC Coaches, and others just want to stay in the spotlight? This kid better have a good, not decent, GOOD season because after all this he has alot to prove. If he attends South Florida or anywhere else after this circus and averages less than 10 points a game folks will remember all the attention he (AND HIS DAD) received. We all know how much good ole Dad was enjoying all the attention especially at SHU games if you know what I mean, at the Prudential Center.

And what is it with the WCC Coaches. Ralph Arietta must be flipping every time he reads how they are acting. Ralph was the coach who put WCC on the national map as a JC program. An outstanding coach and member of the JC Hall of Fame. Winston Nicholas must be also stunned by what is happening from his desk in Heaven where he is ordering new gear for the newly formed basketball program there!

And where does this leave Jarid and his people? I would bet Jarids Dad would still like his son to be recruited by others just for the attention. Jarid himself? I would bet he is just a confused young man. But Jarid needs to hit the gym because EVERYONE outside of the South Florida and WCC programs are just waiting for him to be a huge bust at South Florida.

Manhattan takes A Challenged Player

Great human interest story! I keep hearing this Slice Guy is an outstanding person who everyone loves. I will be pulling for this young man to be successful and for some reason I feel he will be. Defensively he will be solid, he can pass, and even shoot it based on reports I have received. Just a great get for Manhattan while providing a solid opportunity for a well deserving young man.

Nice to see Rutgers in Spain

Hope the comp is what people here think it is. Alot of weak programs in Europe. Also there are different team levels and many are the equivalent of lower D3 programs. But regardless it at least provides the Rutgers players with an opportunity to play together and get to know each other more off and on the court. Basketball bonding at its best!

Monmouth Basketball Program

This program really seems headed in a direction that will allow them to attract more and more very good players. Seems like the new gym, along with the great campus and closeness to the Jersey Shore could make this program a mid major power for years to come. Exciting time at Monmouth.

Seton Hall Basketball

"Are You Ready?" I am! Just hope all the players accept their roles with a smile. Remember everyone cannot be the star. Who will sacrifice? If they get it together they will be very strong, competitive and have a great chance of heading to the NCAA's this season. In fact I am predicting at least a 20 win season. The Pru Center will be rocking if everything comes together.

Kraidon Woods Transfers

Kraidon Woods has asked for and received a transfer release from Arizona State. He asked for the release late last week and among those interested from what I have heard is: Niagara, Monmouth, Binghamton, and Penn. I am sure by Tuesday there will be others. Great to find a solid kid who happens to be 6 ft 8 with skills and extremely athletic.

Javae Gilchrist from Teaneck

Javae is currently considering a great JC Program in Texas, Jacksonville JC. This program plays in what might be the best JC conference in America with lots of exposure but better yet great coaching and competition every day in practice. Thanks to Ed Butler for continuing to provide real opportunities for NY and NJ kids to gain exposure at his "Real" talent showcases which he does 2 times a year. Javaes HS Coach Curtis March also worked EXTREMELY hard to assist Javae, who has D1 grades but still needs to take the SAT or ACT again.


shelmaxi said...


Anything new at FDU?


LFBall said...

Spoke with Coach Ron Brown last week. I asked why they have removed 2000 seats worth of stands. He had no idea.

Basketball wise you know Tom Green will make the team at FDU very good this season. He laways swings back strong as my Son always says. Plus he is a great X and O coach.

I still feel they need a marketing company to sell the team to Bergen County. No way should those games not have 3000 people on an off night.