Friday, June 5, 2009

All About Tom Green

No one, especially a college basketball coach, will perform his or her job perfectly. But they can do their job in a way that makes the university they work for proud. Tom Green did just that. Now after 26 years of loyal service FDU has decided to let him go. Ok he does not provide the young slick back hair look many programs are seeking. But he is solid and deserved better treatment than he received. Plus he really is a great coach and outstanding person.

I heard a rumor that FDU was considering this, but I had heard the same rumor at least 4 times since I first met Tom Green over 20 years ago. I met him at a time FDU they played games in Rutherford NJ at a small HS type gym that is now part of Felician College. Tom made the FDU program respectful again in the same way Al Labalbo (sp) another ex FDU Coach did it with defense. Tom made FDU a household name and took the "ridiculous" out of the description when people talked about the university. Every kid in the tri-state area knows about FDU and alot of this is attributed to Tom Greens hard work and presence in NYC, and NJ.

Coaching wise he was and is one of the best! I wrote often how Fred Hill Jr. should hire him at Rutgers as that experienced assistant or associate head coach. It would have been a match made in heaven and RU might have been much better with him sitting on the bench whispering into Freddy's ear. Maybe Fred will now reach out and give Tom an opportunity just as Tom gave him one many years ago. It is called paying a debt and getting a great person at the same time.

Now back to Tom Green and FDU. Though Tom is a great coach, FDU has a horrible marketing department that did very little to attract fans to FDU games. Sitting in the middle of Bergen County surrounded by a million people and 9 miles or so from NYC, FDU still could not get fans into the seats. They never, ever, attempted to develop a true fan base despite FDU having very good and competitive teams. No one came out to games yet they still attracted decent talent.

FDU now makes it even harder. They take away seating in the 5000 seat arena making the new capacity around 3000, and fire a legendary type coach in June when the recruiting season is almost done. Who makes these decisions at FDU Daffy Duck! Now I read the statement from the AD and from the way he said it I would bet this was not even his decision. Plus I met him a few times and he seems like a guy who just does what he is told because he is so happy to have his job. I guess this is the year of "Yes Men." Any Manager worth anything fights for good employees and if they have to make a change they do it with dignity and concern in mind. Not just saying "Tom Green Is No Longer The Basketball Coach at FDU."

Well Tom please know you have thousands of fans who wish you well. You did a great job and many folks who are affiliated with FDU, and many fans who are not, appreciate all of your efforts. FDU's loss will be a gain to someone else. Trust me! Hey Lawrence Frank, you also could use Tom with the NJ Nets!

Big question is who will be the next coach? I have an Idea but after writing this I will wait to see how it plays out. But who ever gets the job needs to bring with them a marketing firm or at the least a marketing assistant.

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