Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014

NBA Mock Draft

As we get into the meaty part of the college basketball season all sorts of NBA mock drafts are popping up on the internet and even in local papers all over America. It seems as if the experts are continuing to forget the importance of toughness and maturity and making popular as opposed to realistic predictions.  What are they thinking when they take a skinny freshmen guard on a great team and make him a top draft pick over a more seasoned player with much more upside, especially when he gets to the next level surrounded by more players capable of finishing around the rim and hitting open shots? 

So here are my thoughts on this years player’s at this point. Remember it could all change but from what I have seen thus far these are my thoughts on talent and playing potential in the NBA!

Doug McDermott,  in my maybe very unqualified eyes,  has to be the top pick in this years 2014 draft!  What are folks thinking with all those ahead of him on the various draft sites?  These days a player who could be a top draft choice who returns to school will be the focus of every defense scheme teams play against his team.  

Doug McDermott is actually a marked man and the focus of double and triple teaming and still gets his shot off almost scoring at will.  His footwork, ball handling, shooting, passing, basketball intelligence, toughness, strength, and more seems to me to be heads and shoulders over every other college player this season. No I will not compare him to Larry Bird as a Pro because Doug is far more handsome. But skill wise as a collegiate he sure seems as skilled as Larry was at the time.  I am sure Red Auerbach, if he was alive and still with Boston, would be behind the scenes finding out how to get this future star on and off the court!  It just seems that he will be punished for returning to school because he would have been a top 10 selection last season. 

It seems if a player does not run from school after their freshmen year,  their stock automatically goes down. It also seems like international players at 18 and 19 who would be slaughtered in the USA in many cases on the court are taken high in the draft based on potential. Are you kidding me?  Nothing like a 7 ft kid from Russia who is a scrub sitting on the end of the bench based on potential. Well, at least they look good in warm-ups and in the Airport!  

To have the players mentioned on many mock draft boards ahead of Doug McDermott is nothing short of ridiculous.  In fact I think the 2nd player chosen should be a sophomore. Yes,  Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State should be 2nd because he is the total package as well. Tough, skilled, confident, unselfish and more!

Leadership wise no way Kyle Anderson should not be a top 10 pick. I love Tyler Ennis on and off the court because he seems like a great player and even better person. But how in heavens name is he ranked higher than a more mature, skilled, leader and player such as Kyle Anderson? It all boils down to people with no idea or even playing or coaching experience putting together these lists. Same way on many HS recruiting lists the rankings have always been suspect at best. 

So here is my 2014 Mock NBA Draft top 11 TALENT Wise and NBA Ready list with a few sleepers!  Granted there are some with more potential but still unproven..  If I was choosing strictly based on talent and readiness this would be my list! 

1        Doug McDermott         Creighton
2    Marcus Smart               Oklahoma State
3       Jabari Parker                 Duke
4       Joel Embiid                   Kansas
5     Andrew Wiggins          Kansas
     TJ Warren                    NC State
     Gary Harris                  Michigan State
     Kyle Anderson             UCLA
     Julius Randall               Kentucky
1    Aaron Gordon              Arizona
1     CJ Fair                         Syracuse

Sleepers (In No Order)

Russ Smith                     Louisville
LaQuinton Ross             Ohio State
James McAdoo              North Carolina
Bryce Cotton                  Providence
Noah Vonleh                  Indiana
Jerami Grant                   Syracuse

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