Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday December 29, 2011

Basketball is going full steam ahead all over America. The HS season is up and running, the College season is going strong, and even the NBA is back. Here are a few tidbits based on my observations thus far.


Is it me or does the NBA all of a sudden seem exciting and relevant again?

Is the NY KNicks for real at 1-1?

The Knicks vs Nets game should be a good one for temporary bragging rights in the NY Metro area!

Am I the only one who thought The NJ Nets would never really move to Brooklyn? I honestly thought they were kidding and/or bluffing to get a better NJ deal.

Is Miami on a mission?

Are the LA Clippers actually a better team than the LA Lakers?

Is it not odd that two NBA teams are in the same city using the same Arena?

Denver seems to have not missed Camelo Anthony

College Basketball

OK Seton Hall lost to Syracuse at Syracuse! Seton Hall lost to the number 1 team in America! Should they be embarrassed? Should they have their heads down? I say heck no! Its one game and one game only. As I have often said the good teams beat all the teams they are supposed to beat. With the exception of Northwestern I would say mission accomplished to date. With the Big Easy season now getting into full swing Seton Hall is capable of winning all the games they are favored to win as well as a few they will play who are considered better teams. Honestly I feel they can beat West Virginia and Villanova as well as many of the others who are considered the cream of the crop. Post season? I would say yes at this point. Seems Seton Hall is headed in the right direction.

Rutgers is steady and St. Johns won the last game played against Providence  College.  Good and expected win for St. Johns but I still feel despite the recruiting class being highly rated, this team is not ready for prime time even if Steve Lavin returns full time today. JMHO!

FDU Report

Is it true representative from the NJCAA were on campus discussing FDU moving to the JC ranks? Is it true the President actually now understands there is a D1 team at FDU? OK I was kidding about the NJCAA meeting but I sure hope the FDU President wakes up and provides funding to re-do the gym and put more into the sports program.   Sad Sad Sad when I think of the potential FDU had years ago!

HS Report

I am telling everyone who will listen that The 4 games at Hackensack HS on Sunday could be the best set of games featuring NJ teams ever put together. I feel these games will sell out even Hackensack's very large gym.

Dwight Morrow vs Hackensack                   Beren County Rivals = Good game
St. Patricks vs Teaneck                                 Great Game!
Plainfield vs Hudson Catholic                      Great Game!
St. Benedict's vs St. Anthony's                     True number 1 and 2 teams in the State of NJ meeting!

In total you really have the number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 team playing on the same day at the same location at different times on the same court. If you a a true basketball junkie like I am this is a group of games you do not want to miss. Plenty of parking and easy routes to highways. I cannot wait!!!

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