Friday, July 8, 2011

Reebok Philadelphia University Camp and More

I seem to always come on here apologizing for being away so long. Today is no different but I promise to write a lot more in the coming months leading to what I hope will be an interesting college and HS basketball season.

Lets start with the state of recruiting and the closing of Rice HS. I cannot believe all the craziness with Rice HS closing down. Where are all the alumni and ex players? Where are the benefit games to pump money back into a fine school that has done its share to assist and educate young men for many years. I cannot believe the only thing positive from Rice HS is the Basketball team. But based on rumors, I now see why Moe Hicks ran, not walked, to the job he now has at St. Johns.  Man has to do what he has to do!

Interesting seeing all the young kids in New York, New Jersey, Philly, and Maryland being swept away by the recruiting process. Who is advising these kids? Kids are committing and changing schools almost weekly. I really question this un-official visit stuff that is taking place. Kids should not be allowed to commit as a HS Sophomore or even as a Junior. Stuff happens, things change, and coaches leave.  Again where is the guidance?

So now the St. Patricks of NJ kids, including a few from NYC, will be staying at St. Patricks to play for the new coach. Ummmmmmmm? Great for him! Is it great for them? Still remember that guy coaching at Marist of Bayonne after the ex coach left and the program being considered a NJ power. Hope he does better this time around or else they will become just as Marist is at the present time. I do wonder if St. Patricks is hiding some information on their financial existence based on Kevin Boyle running out of there similar to how Moe Hicks left Rice.

Seems to me that Lincoln HS in Brooklyn along with Cardozo in Queens have proven that with hard work and a rep for getting kids into quality colleges, they provide just as much if not more than the traditional private school powers. Heck Lincoln picks the best of the best similar to what Christ The King did in the past and Malloy did in the far distant past.

Reebok Camp

OK here it comes, controversy 101. What the heck is the purpose of this camp? What are these kids really getting besides a good run, some Reebok Slippers and Sneakers, and an opportunity to stay at a Division 2 school with only decent facilities. Are you kidding me? What the heck is that and what are they selling?

I want to see any of the kids in the camp, or any of their friends or family members under 35 go into a sneaker store and ask for the new Reebok Sneakers. John Wall himself, who wears those sneakers, dreams of putting on some comfortable Nikes.

Interesting how they had a separate players entrance as if some of those kids would be exploited by the D1, and D2 Coaches in attendance. Hell they should be careful and separate those kids from some of the Rec Coaches they are involved with.

Since I have been missing in action for some time I was able to be a fly on the wall in the hallway outside the gym. People are still making deals and selling as well as receiving. Crazy!

Watched 3 games and was hardly impressed with the exception of having an opportunity to sit with Todd Green, the son of ex FDU Coach Tom green who remains a favorite of mine. Todd is doing scouting for an NBA Team

Was very interested in seeing the 3 kids from Teaneck HS play. Everyone knows I am a true Teaneck fan and bleed blue. But on this day I was very disappointed in what 2 of the 3 Teaneck kids did on the court.

I read on ESPN that Neville Fincher really helped himself. Well, they must not have watched the game I saw where he looked as if he just started playing basketball that morning. In fact that would be giving him too much credit. He looked as if he just started playing a minute before he came on the court! No footwork, no shot, just tough kid and athletic but unable to demonstrate except in the warmup line where he was putting on a dunk exhibition. Maybe he has worked out with a blind coach this summer preparing him for next season. Because anyone with vision can clearly see this kid has potential but without putting in the work makes no difference. But he has that tough baller look and I guess that counts for something. Good thing he is 6 ft 9 and not 6 ft 3!

Watched Joel or is it Juel Hernandez as well. Now everyone seems intrigued by this Ricardo Greer clone. Coaches call me asking if I know him, he gets great props based on what I have not figured out yet. Now the problem with this kid is not a lack of skills and ability. This kid lacks the ability to compete every play and every minute he is on the court. In other words he goes through the motions. Watched as he was so stiff from doing half speed warm ups prior to the game  that he barely got up and down the court. Looking too cool, and acting as if he was still warming up with a minute left in the 1st quarter, he looked lazy and not focused. Waste of talent who will still be a low D1 player who could have been a high D1 player with the right shoulders and above training. Maybe he will attend FDU? Uggggggggggggg! Sorry!

All this makes me question if AAU/Rec basketball is hurting kids who need skill development. Does Neville Finch, who should be working  on his footwork and skills need games all over the country where all he does he mostly rebound or would he be better off staying around Teaneck and working on his game and body in the gym?

Kids like Karl Anderson can afford to travel the globe because they have game already. Others need to really think about this as should there AAU coaches. And where are the HS coaches?

Interesting also watching and reading about games going on all over America and finding out some kids who are rising juniors and seniors have grade point averages less than 1. 2  heading into the season.  The way I see it either the Parents do not give a damn, or they feel kid will never qualify so why not allow him to have fun playing. To that I say shame on the parents and shame on a HS coach who allows this. No one should be allowed to play anywhere if they cannot read or write! Keep that kid home for the summer and educate him so that he will at the least be able to live a normal life. I cannot believe this is still happening! The NCAA needs to really look into who should be allowed to play at these camps during the summer months. And I am talking about multiple kids!!!!

Well,  in the NY Metro area the colleges are doing all they can to attract good players. That again brings me to FDU. Sorry, but some things stay on my mind. And Coach Greg Vetrone this is not about you as much as about that tired administration in place there. If they provide you with decent, I did not say great, support you could do good things. As it is now FDU must be the worst job in D1 College Basketball. The administration messed up the gym by getting rid of seating and not replacing to the point it looks like a terrible and dingy HS gym and far from a college arena. Again I feel an announcement will come in the next few years changing the FDU basketball team to D3. I really feel bad for the coaching staff. I even watched as Marcus Tony El walked through Philadelphia University proudly displaying his FDU shirt.  I cannot wait to see what they average in attendance this season.

Saw the LaSalle Coach in the Hallway. What a nice guy and very personable. I guess you can see why he has had success. Cannot see him at LaSalle much longer as larger schools seek out his services. Saw the new coach at Virginia State looking at players. First time I have ever seen a CIAA coach on this side of Baltimore Maryland. Next thing you know the CIAA schools will all be up north and even start hiring a few NY and NJ guys.

That's it for now. I will be back with more updates on a more consistent basis. Stay well and enjoy the day!


port side said...

LF, I can't believe you would go after young men including their character like this. First, Neville has as much talent and is more athletic than Bilal Dixon who went to Providence. This issue is that Neville only seems to play with shot happy, shoot first point guards. If he played with guards who were creaters and true set up men, then he would easily average a double double. He is often put in positions where guys are swirling around him. Big men to be effective need to be in situations where they can be effective. Coach Smart clearly is a guard oriented coach so I'm not sure if he will ever blossom at Teaneck like he should. I guess he will have to run the floor hard and hope he can get put backs, tip slams or whatever offensive rebounds he can get. It's a shame with a kid like that he can't even get guys to dribble penetrate and look for him. When Teaneck did last year he finished with dunks and lay-ups. All being said Neville has a high upside to anyone who understands the game. If he has his head on straight he should be solid pick up for a school like Providence, Rutgers, Seton Hall, St. Joseph's etc.

Joel Hernandez is the best player at Teaneck. Secondly, this kid is 15 year old rising Junior. I don't think it's fair the way took a shot at his character. This kid has shown that he should be on the priority list for the area middle of the pack Big East schools. If he develops and grows he could be a UConn or Syracuse recruit too.

LFBall said...

I hear you. Honestly not taking a shot at either player. Just want them to wake up. Hernandez only problem is he does not compete as hard as he should. He has Nig East and ACC potential nut plays like a NEC prospect. Fincher should be at a camp working on post moves and footwork. What good does it do him going ip and down the court and not knowing what he is doing if he gets the ball. Yes he has upside and potential bit does he have the heart to really work on his game? Elbowing an opposing player for no reason is not being competitive or a sign of having heart.

I like the potential of both players and feel Jerome Smart will make them a regional power. But the players have to do their part.

Lastly. Chris Jones by far is not only the best player at Teaneck, he also is the best prospect based on consistency. After all potential can only take you but so far. And again not attacking those kids SS much as I am questioning their work ethic.