Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Basketball

Seton Hall

So Seton Hall fans are confused about my last post. Ok than please look at the video of the game vs Louisville. Like I said the coaches at Seton Hall are not experienced YET to handle the BE. Why would the Head Coach even smile and joke with the opposing coach after a blowout loss? I do not care that it was his Mentor, or the guy he worships, or his God Father, or his 2nd Dad. Get your butt into the locker room and talk and teach your team about competing. He should not even be talking to the Louisville staff until after the season. What is Seton Hall? The Louisville JV Team? Please!

I really am not surprised that SHU lost big on the road to a traditional power team. I am more surprised that they did not compete! Sad is the way to put it. Guys should be playing hard and building towards the future.

As far as me saying they are a long way from getting it done at SHU and than saying look for them to make a run? All I am saying is they will make a run and win games when Hazell returns. They still are under achieving and not competing hard. When will it get better? Seton Hall has to get it together. Now here goes where folks become confused again. I think Willard will be a good coach at Seton Hall. He just needs a seasoned staff to assist him. If he does not do this, he will have a hard HILL to climb in more ways than I am hinting.


All I will say is Rutgers looks like a great choice for kids compared to its sister school at this time. Like comparing Carolina/Duke or attending Clemson.

Went back and forth between games and it seems to me that Coach Rice has his kids competing! Just imagine how good they will be with the young talent coming in. I was very impressed at how the Rutgers team went after Marquette and played so hard.

Though they lost the game, they competed until the end. no moral victory but continuos  improvement.

HS Basketball

No one in New jersey will beat St. Patricks this season. No One! They are way too good, well coached,  and talented. They also just happen to have some of the best players I ever saw who just decided to attend a school miles from their homes for the sake of it lol.

St. Anthony's, always the peoples choice is rated 2 in the state of NJ. I feel a lot of teams can beat them and some will. Again Hurley must be so grateful regarding Myles Mack and Kyle Anderson. Funny after writing my last post I thought about St. Anthony's minus Mack and Anderson. They would still be a top school because the system is such a good one and the defense is always tremendous. But having two highly recruited transfers sure helps them win a lot of games.

There are a lot of teams capable of beating St. Anthony's but no one should beat St. Patricks. No One!

Good to see the new Teaneck. Again very talented and worthy of their state ranking.

Getting ready to attend the Prime Time Shootout. Hey what happened? It's not at the Trenton Arena? Did they spread out  and grow too soon? Does anyone care? Where is Bobby Jacobs when you need him?

Still missing the old Doc Turner HS Classic in Harlem NYC. Great event and very competitive!

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SPK145 said...

Great post on the state of Seton Hall. I thought Willard was unprofessional last night.