Thursday, December 23, 2010

College Basketball.......Wow!

Looking at box scores from last night shows either parity is really here or some teams are just under achieving. Lets look at some scores that stand out:

Siena over Georgia Tech

Citadel over University of South Carolina

Dayton over Seton Hall

Those 3 scores were not part of the plan when those games were scheduled. They were supposed to be easy wins and nothing else. Now those games become extremely hurtful in the eyes of fans and the NCAA if there was a post season option on the table.

At Georgia Tech everyone must be confused from the Administration and Coaches to the fans and players. Everyone knows Paul Hewitt is a very good coach, but what is going wrong down there with the close games and loses to teams they should be destroying? I for one think the one and done has done that program in. If Paul Hewitt can get some 4 star and even 3 star players and they stay for 4 years, watch out! he is at his best with players he has a chance to develop. These one and done or even guys already with advisors looking at the NBA are very hard to coach or jell as a team. heck even Kentucky with 5 first round NBA draft choices did not win an NCAA Championship.  Hope Paul Hewitt gets another year to right this sinking ship that is in a major media market and very important to the status of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The Citadel beats The University of South Carolina or was that South Carolina State? I would understand if it was South Carolina State. But from the box it says South Carolina! Maybe I need to check it again. However if it is South carolina there are a lot of folks very upset inColumbia South Carolina today. None of he South Carolina schools are supposed to be The major University except Clemson on occasion. What a Horrible loss! People are thinking about all the money spent on that great arena, practice facilities, fan support, etc.

Dayton comes to New Jersey and beats a Seton Hall Team that has TALENT! Come on what is going on here? They returned some very good players who should be able to hold it down until Hazell returns from his injury. I mean they have really good talent and it makes no sense losing at home to Dayton. At Dayton I could better understand because that is a great A10 Program with a cult like following. They sell out that arena and when folks pass, the tickets are willed to family members. Just a great program!  Makes me wonder if I was a player rated 4 stars would I choose such a program over places like SHU, St. Johns, Rutgers, Providence, And South Florida? On another note when will SHU wake up and get a true marketing firm to see tickets to the games. How do you not have 8000 season tickets sold with all the businesses in the greater Newark area?  Seton Hall needs major assistance! Coaching wise? Please do not start me. From recruiting on down there seems to be a serious void. Willard might be a premier coach one day soon, but he has a long climb to get there. Big question is what would be the case if Bobby Gonzales was still the coach? ummmmmm! Just wondering!

It is about that time where coaches at schools start looking at what jobs might just become available. And boy have I heard some interesting stuff including jobs in BE, ACC, A10, SEC, Colonial, MAAC, and even the Northeast Conference. Speaking of the Northeast Conference there is a lot of interest in Monmouth! Folks are eagerly watching that sleeping mid major giant. Ditto The University of Delaware! Maybe Mike Brey will say the heck with this and go back to the Blue hens! I doubt that but Delaware has all the tools to be a major mid major power! Just a great place! I do hope Monte Ross will get it together because he is qualified. But the way it is going he makes folks hungry for a return of David Henderson who believe it or not is an OUTSTANDING TEACHER and COACH. Just did not have the public relation skills needed to follow a great PR guy like Mike Brey.

I wonder along with many others what will happen in Atlanta. No not with the housewives, although I would like to know that as well. but with the basketball program at Georgia Tech. According to many friends down there, folks want change but those who know the game only want Paul Hewitt to recruit more 4 year players to give the program experience for the 1 or 2 early NBA entrees they tend to get often.  And even Stevie Wonder knows Paul Hewitt can flat out coach! but again, they are getting very restless in Atlanta!

High School Basketball

Planning on getting around this season to see many HS basketball games. If you know of some good ones anywhere between NYC and Myrtle Beach SC please email me at In the meantime I will be in NY, NJ, and Pa. checking out games and players. I promise to kept real and tell it as I see it. After all, there are a lot of over hyped and over rated kids as well as many more under rated and under hyped players out there. My job? Find them!

Everyone please watch out for Trinity catholic in Connecticut. Just enrolled is a huge 7 ft 4 Freshmen from Africa with skills and the ability to run the court. I am sure UConn is already there. Kid lives in  Portchester NY, which is close to Stanford Connecticut, with legal guardian. And guess what? his 13 year old brother is coming next year and he is already 7 ft 2!

Well over and out. See you at a game near you!

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SPK145 said...

It's time to face reality: Seton Hall just doesn't have as much talent as we all believed.

Welcome back!!!