Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It has been a while since I have posted. Here are some thoughts on various items that I have thought about.

I said it years ago and people laughed. I said often that Hamady N'diaye of Rutgers would one day be drafted by an NBA team. Well my prediction happened and despite very little fanfare over the years he emerged as a 2nd round draft choice. Like people say as kids "Told You So."

I noticed that the number of International players drafted in the first round is down from years ago. I guess NBA General Managers are now smart enough to know a 18 year old from Europe is not the same as a seasoned USA player in most cases. Glad to see that international trend end!

Scotty Renolds not even drafted? This might just be a blessing to him in the long run. Now he chooses where he wants to go and attempt to make a team. I predict he will play many years in the NBA and some GM will be sorry they did not draft him!

Who is advising all these guys to come out early? Mickey Mouse? Such greed by many so called agents really is hurting the players and college basketball. To be a 2nd round pick is not a guarantee of making a team. Lots of similar players all over summer leagues wishing to this day they had done it different. Hello to both Mr. Cooks, ex NYC Playground Legends.

John Calipari is so interesting. He says this is the greatest day in Kentucky basketball history! Is he kidding or did someone slip something into his diet coke? He should be called on the carpet for two reasons. How do you not win the NCAA Championship with 5 1st round players on your team? He should have been in hiding from embarrassment. Academically the President of The University of Kentucky should be furious with this 1 and done thing Calipari is doing. Kentucky is in horse farm country and that's just what the basketball program is doing, Breeding basketball players using the University of Kentucky facilities. I wonder if anyone cares that those kids might never be able to understand contracts or function as regular folks when careers are done. To have 4 1st year players and 1 Jr. leave at the same time was academically embarrassing. I guess Kentucky only cares about winning and making money! Sad!!!!!!!

I also love the way Calipari uses the media. He is front and center for cameras making statements and gaining photo opts that every HS player in the country will see. Than he makes statements such as "My Wife says he is like a son." Talk about using the media to recruit for you, he is the master! The NCAA should stop this from happening. They are promoting 1 and done and that academics are just not that important. Honestly the HS to NBA rule needs to be looked again. Maybe it is not that bad after all.

Labron James to Knicks? I doubt it! When will they realize that the current coach is so wrong for the Knicks, and for the NY Metropolitan Area? This guy needs to be in the Southwest somewhere. I cannot even imagine LaBron being comfortable talking to this guy.

How could the area teams pass on Lance Stephenson? Who is in charge? oops forgot who is coaching the Knicks.

HS Information

A very good comment on a recent blog post suggested Jerome Smart was not the first choice for the Teaneck HS coaching vacancy. I honestly cannot imagine who would have been a better candidate than Jerome Smart unless Kevin Boyle, Danny Hurley, and Bob Hurley all applied. I did like Donald Osbourne as a future coach but not sure if he was really interested. Jerome brings alot to the table and will continue where Curtis left off while providing more post HS opportunities as well as exposure for his players. This was not a good choice, it was a great choice.

By the way I often thought about Curtis March screaming etc. It bothered me and later I realized how wrong I was! Ever hear the other top coaches in NJ? The top coaches in NYC? They all say things I cannot repeat here. ALL OF THEM! It is the passion they have for coaching and getting players to compete better.

In later years I realized how wrong I was and what an impact he made on the kids. I am so grateful for all Coach March did for my son and many others as a caring coach who took Teaneck to heights not imagined by anyone. He was far from the typical 3 to 5 Bergen County public school coach. I for one am sad to see him go. But at the same time so thankful Jerome Smart will head this great public school program in future years.

Lastly those kids that did not attend Teaneck went other places for reasons other than Curtis. They were pushed by people with no real idea of what they were doing. They were also looking at the grass being greener. Patterson Catholic is nowhere near the academic school Teaneck is, and we understand Teaneck has issues. I doubt Coach Smart will need to recruit as other do because Teaneck is a basketball town with one of the best feeder systems in the state at the Richard Rodda Center which runs youth basketball leagues on two beautiful indoor courts.

Dwayne Mitchell to Coach Rice HS in Manhattan

Coach Mitchell is a no nonsense type guy who rarely seems to smile. However he is destined for coaching greatness because one thing he can do well is COACH! Guy has been a great coach for years even with his younger Gaucho teams. Parents knew their kids were in great hands with him and he would be a responsible and caring person who would keep the kids safe and together as they traveled to various tournaments often playing 3 games in one day. Still remember him at Milbank after his young 13 year old team had played. He had them all sit on the bench together and eat lunch before heading to another part of the city in a semi formation for the next game. no less than 8 future D1 players was on that young team!

However, I do hope Coach Mitchell understands that as quick as he moves up, he could move down. So in the spirit of Moe Hicks, who always acknowledged everyone as if they were long lost friends, he needs to pick up his head and learn to smile and be cordial to those he knew when he was coaching the young kids. Nuff said!

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