Friday, May 1, 2009

Lance Stephenson, 6 Ft 8 kids, and Rumors

Good morning to everyone. For some reason I feel we are experiencing the quiet before the storm. And I am not talking St. Johns Hoops! It just seems strange that there is not much to discuss. But here are a few things to think about.

According to NYC papers and a few others I know, Lance Stephenson has all but ruled out St. Johns. This could be viewed as a good or bad thing depending on who you speak with. Some feel Lance would be a distraction and hard to deal with as a teammate and player. Others feel he is just what St. Johns needs. I agree with the latter (Thanks Frank) thought. But the problem is this Lance stuff is getting old, tired, and stale. When will he choose? In September? Or will he do the prep school thing before declaring for the NBA draft next year as some indicate could happen. Or will he choose Kentucky, Memphis, or Arizona? Maybe Maryland will show him reasons he should just attend there. If he does I would not be surprised.

Where does that leave St. Johns? It leaves them looking in the mirror wondering what else they could have done minus giving his dad a job on the staff. Norm and company did it the right way and if it does not happen it will not be just because it was not a basketball fit. SJU will still be a better team next season and if Lance does attend, which looks unlikely, they could be that much better.

I leave with this caution to everyone. Folks from all over are watching this saga closely if you know what I mean. I also say I doubt Lance is ready for the NBA at this time. I also wonder if he will be ready after 1 year of college. Will he be a future NBA player? YES if he works hard and attends a place where they accept him and love him as opposed to just wanting him. Wrong turn and he could be a true playground legend each summer before he returns to Korea for a different version of professional basketball. Choose wise young Lance! Forget about being "Born Ready" and start getting ready for a bright future with a wise college choice.

Things I am Watching Closely

Heard a rumor that certain NYC/NJ area schools are exploring a change or two assistant coaching wise. Got this from a few coaching buddies. Now I am not going to say what schools are involved. But I will say I really hope they do the right thing professionally and politically because if not it will be devastating, especially in NYC and New Jersey. Folks are really watching this as I am. Hope it is not true!

This Prep School stuff is getting harder and harder. Latest I heard was Russ Smith from NYC, who is very good, will attend South Kent Prep in the fall. How folks did not snatch him up I will never know. But again it must be a reason because he is playing in the toughest league in America according to Tom Konchalski, noted HS talent evaluator, an playing in NYC allowed him to be seen by alot of folks. Maybe he just wants a higher level school?

I know of a few 6 ft 8 kids with skills and grades looking for schools. One will transfer from a high major school with 2 year of eligibility left. The other is a HS Sr. who is skilled and will only get better. The transfer would be great in the A10, CAA, MAAC (Siena Type), NEC (Monmouth etc.) or even the AE (Binghamton type). The HS kid would be great at a NEC, CAA, MAAC program or a PREP School with campus, etc. If anyone reading this blog know of a school that would be interested please email me at

Also working with a skinny guard with a huge heart at 6 ft 3 and skilled. Kid with weight would be a solid D1 prospect at a A10, CAA, MAAC, etc. With hard work and strength he could go even higher. Hopefully we will have a SOLID prep school for him by next week.

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