Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Setting The Record Straight

I thank the RU board for the nice comments about me because I know they feel I am anti their program. But that is so untrue. I have said to anyone who listens and really reads what I am saying, Fred Hill is doing a very good job. I have also said that I LIKE FHJ and Craig Carter very much. remember I drove Craig out to Rutgers along with Jim Couch many years ago when he committed to RU after playing at The Bronx HS of Science. I coached and worked out Craig and no fewer than 10 ex RU players during that time. I even mentioned that I like how FHJ encourages his players, and also mentioned how I think JR and Jeron Griffin SHOULD have been suspended. I even mentioned that FHJ was my sons favorite college coach when he was being recruited years ago. And to this day my son is a huge FHJ fan.

Now as far as protecting JR Inman, I will always be in his corner. That will never ever change. I really still feel that JR was taken out of the RU line-up for no real reason last season and he never really recovered. He was the scapegoat. I would tell FHJ the same thing. But that does not make me stop liking a guy I liked very much for 20 years. Now some of his other staff is a different story and I am not talking about Jim Carr or Darren Savino. And I have my reasons which are personal.

Gary Waters? I respected him but was not friendly with him. In fact I did not like the way he coached and never encouraged his players. In no way would I ever like him as much as I like FHJ. NEVER!!! I am just a guy who defends those I feel are treated wrongly. Thus my thoughts on Waters a few years back. I loved the hire of FHJ but hated the way it happened. I would feel the same way if Danny Nee was hired after this season and Fred Hill Jr. was fired. But FHJ has always been a favorite of mine. And that would never stop me from disagreeing with certain things I see. Which is why I told Tobias Harris Dad, his son needed to go where he is loved and not just where he is wanted! That was a RU plug!!!!!

As far as Bobby G is concerned. I like him and always will as well. I like him based on knowing him for 25 years. I like him despite feeling he is still scared of hiring strong assistant coaches he can not step on. But I also like the fact he is competitive, and gets it done with his teams. I also like Dermon Player alot as well. Great guy who deserves so much and is a fine motivator and coach as well.

When I discuss talent I do have a clue, contrary to what some feel. I know talent and have been right much more than I have been wrong. Take Kraidon Woods as an example. I always thought Kraidon should have gone to St. Joe's as opposed to signing with Villanova. I think right now he is in a situation at Arizona State that could be serious in regards to playing time. But this kid can play and just needs an opportunity. If not at Arizona State, I hope he comes home and attends St. Joe's or Delaware.

When I talk about the talent on campus at Seton Hall I become excited because they really have some bonofide players who will help them get to the NCAA tournament very soon. In comparison to Rutgers, it is not close talent and toughness wise. Sorry, I call it as I see it. Those kids at Seton Hall are built to compete. Rutgers will be better than folks think. And the cup cake early schedule could give them a huge lift, or it could backfire as they prepare for the Big East portion of the schedule. Trust me the Delaware game is huge for them because Delaware has players and a good home court advantage. But the talent on the RU team at this point is not what SHU has. That does not mean RU cannot beat SHU on a given night. But talent wise I again say SHU has better personnel.

Lastly, Rosario and Chandler are GREAT RECRUITS! I think Mike will be outstanding after he adjusts to college basketball which has bigger and tougher kids than what he saw at St. Anthony's, and he must know that. So when I question recruits, I am not talking about Rosario this season, or Chandler last season.

I really look forward to this season. It will be very interesting.

2 comments: said...

RU might not have the caliber of players the Hall does, but it looks like they're going to have significantly more players when the season rolls around and that is not a minor issue when it comes to a long season's success.

LFBall said...

You might be right. But I honestly think after Rosario, the other new players at RU will not be impact players the first year. And that includes Greg Enchique (sp).

RU to me will be the same players with Rosario added. In time other new players will be good, but far from great, players.