Saturday, June 21, 2008

Enough is Enough

I am so pissed off with college coaches using young men. But I am even more pissed off at families and young men playing the victim role after doing wrong things year in and year out. Lets talk Duquesne University as an example. We all know it is a place that is doing all types of things to get good players. We also know that Sean James and Kojo Mensah seemed to be recruited from other colleges to attend school there. These two kids seem to have been spoiled for a long time. Now when it seems they will not set foot on an NBA Court they decide to get money by suing DU. They did not do it after the shooting incident, they waited until they were ready to leave the school.

This is almost as bad as when crack addicts intentionally slip in front of your car or home. Yes the incident was a bad one, but to sue a university because they did not have protection for you at a party? I for one felt so bad when the incident happened. And as a person who has been around both young men in the past during workouts and watching them play, I feel bad they are doing this. Now if they still have an injury, or what happened has caused them to stop playing, I could kind of sorta understand the intent of the lawsuit. But for two seemingly healthy kids to do this seems like just an act of greed. What Lawyer put them up to this? Terrible move!

When will coaches look in the mirror and realize they need to adjust? Tom Crean at Marquette needs to realize that for almost all the players to leave is a reflection of what he has said and done since arriving at Indiana. All the kids cannot be bad or troublesome. I remember a time when ex Assistant Coaches took jobs and remained good communicators with players. Crean has done great things coaching wise but he is said to be very hard on everyone. Ditto Kevin O'Neal. I could not believe a kid left Zona because Kevin would not be the coach. I wonder what his ex players at Northwestern are saying?

Brandon Jennings not eligible? who wants to bet he will suit up at Zona in the fall? No way they do not get him in and suited up. What's the reason for transferring to Oak Hill if they are not going to make sure you are ready for college. A long way from California to not get the grades needed for matriculation.

Rutgers is doing everything right on the recruiting path. Imagine if they built a practice facility and a new arena? 10,500 seats with boxes and an attached practice facility. If that happened watch out. Seem FHJ is making the RAC seem like Cameron Indoor Stadium to potential recruits.

Fordham continues to get good solid kids into school. And that Fordham Degree is a special one. Amazing thing is the campus is beautiful but the surrounding areas remain very dangerous. Yet they continue to get good players. Still remember last coach trying to get it done fast and slick. Again that degree will open major doors and the alumni are very loyal when it comes to finding careers after the basketballs are put up.

Barn League starts Sunday. seems like a nice league but nowhere as competitive as the NYC Nike Pro Am. But it will help the Rutgers kids get ready for the season as well as others like Jordan Theodore get ready for SHU. Difference is Jordan, Mike Rosario, and others can play in other leagues as well because they have yet to play a college game.


darrenmaloney said...

Try some decaf LF!!!

Crean and O'neal are too much. Type A and I just can't imagine fun to play for.

Agree on Fordham. Doing a good job and a nice school.

Not believing the hype yet at Rutgers.

Hope your having a good summer.

LFBall said...

lol. I agree with the RU comment you have made. Not sure they are not still going to be a bottom BE team. Time will tell.