Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's That Time Again

HS Basketball

Well HS Basketball is about to go into full swing. Kids all over America, both boys and girls are working hard preparing for the season. Oddly a few things come to mind as the season approaches:

How many kids are under the radar who will turn out to be better college players than many rated above them?

How many kids are being pushed to college programs by rec and aau programs based on prior relationships and favors?

Who really is the best boys and girls teams in America? How do we really know without a national tournament.

Who really is the number one HS player in America/ After the top 20 is there really much difference in those rated 21 through 150?

Where are the great HS tournaments taking place? Ever wonder how tournaments get the great teams to come and play? Maybe I will share with this information with you.

College Hoops

Folks all over America are cheering on there teams. Some teams are under achieving and others are over achieving as UCLA and North Carolina look to be the consensus number 1 teams in various polls.

Anyone care to discuss who the worst 50 teams are?

Impact freshmen stories are poping up all over the place. Where are the stories of the over rated thus far? How about the kids who were spoiled by boosters and AAU types and now look very average. Michael Beasly looks great but what about...........? Maybe Michael is so good he makes him seem average.

The most competitive conferences always seem to be from among the big boys. But we all know that the bottom of most big conferences consist of teams that could be beat by mid major programs.

How did many of the college programs in the middle of nowhere get such great players? UMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Join Me For Weekly discussions covering these topics and much more. It will be a very interesting season to say the least. Trust me!!!!!!

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